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  • Have you worked in Australia while you have been backpacking/travelling?

  • Have you paid tax?

  • Then you might be owed a reasonable amount of money from a tax refund!!!
    Average refunds are $2,450

If you have been working in Australia, you should have been paying tax on your earnings. When you leave Australia, you may be entitled to a tax refund from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). We can help you find out if you are entitled to a refund.


Information about income tax and tax refunds


Do working holidaymaker's have to pay income tax?

Yes - Employers must deduct and make income tax payments for the employee while employed by their business.

You would generally be classed as a non-resident for tax purposes, which means you will pay income tax at non-concessional rates on all salary and wage income you earn in Australia. This means you will be deducted between 29 - 45% tax from your wage, depending how much you earn.

For more information about the income tax rates that apply to both residents and non-residents, refer to Individual income tax rates on the Australian Taxation Office website.

What is an income tax return?

If you have earned wages in Australia and paid tax on these wages, you must do an income tax return at the end of every tax year (01 July to June 30). The income tax return gives you an opportunity to claim back various costs and expenses you have occurred in doing your job.

How much taxback could I get?

That's the million-dollar question and depends on your total taxable salary, total tax paid and how long you have been in the country. Everyone's tax refund is different.

Find out how much you are worth now with our FREE, NO OBLIGATION Taxback Refund Calculator (select the "Calculator" tab above). 

When can I lodge a tax refund?

The tax year runs from the 1st July to the 30th of June yearly and you can claim a refund at the end of the tax year.

You can also claim a refund during the tax year (mid year tax refund), if you cease working permanently during the tax year, or leave Australia before the end of the tax year.

Chances are, you will be able to lodge 2 tax refund applications if you are in Australia on a 2-year working holiday visa. 

How much does it cost?

"Taxrefund4travellers" offer a simple low fixed fee regardless of the refund amount. There are NO HIDDEN FEES or RIP OFF PERCENTAGE fees. You just pay one low fixed fee of $195, which includes EVERYTHING....even overseas bank transfers are included in the price, so you know exactly where you stand with no nasty surprises. Just compare the low fixed fee to other firms that charge a 9 - 15% fee of the refund amount and see how much you save!

For example, an average refund is usually around $2450

If you were charged a 9% fee by a competitor, you would pay $220.50 plus GST

If you were charged a 15% fee by a competitor, you would pay $367.50 plus GST

It takes the same amount of work to compile a small and a large refund, so why should you be charged more?

What do I need to Apply?

Applying is a simple online process and takes minutes. Simply complete the online application (select the "Apply Now" tab above). 

You will need:

  • Your tax file number

  • Your bank details (either in Australia or Overseas) of where you want the refund to be sent.

  • Copies of your final payslip or PAYG (Group Certificate) summaries from your employer. PAYG summaries are best, but if not we can use your final payslip if it shows year to date (YTD) figures.

(At the end of the tax year (by the 14th July) your employer will issue you with a PAYG summary).

How long until I receive my money?

End of year tax returns and past years are lodged the same day as they are received and the refund will take approximately 10 - 14 days to be processed by the tax office. Mid year returns tax a little longer as they are manually processed at the tax office and tax 6 - 8 weeks. 


Do you have any questions, or are you a little confused?

Don't worry, your not the first. We are here to help and it is another great reason to use a tax agent. Tax is complicated, so if you have any questions or queries simply drop our partners "taxrefund4travellers" an email.

Disclaimer: Please note the above information is intended for a guide only. Tax / superannuation information changes regularly and we are not Tax agents so for the most up to date advice please contact the Australian Taxation office.

Why use our tax refund service?

Tax can be a complicated issue with multiple offsets and allowances that you need to include in your tax return to ensure you get the largest legal refund.

Unfortunately, the tax office are not in the habit of telling you if you have missed off any deductions and allowances or paid too much tax, so its important to get it right first time. To ensure you get all your allowable offsets and maximum legal refund it's best to use a tax agent.

We have teamed up with "Taxrefund4travellers" to offer you a no-nonsense, LOW FIXED FEE tax refund service.

They are Australian Chartered accounts, so fully bound by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, as well as being registered tax agents.

This means they guarantee you the largest legal refund and ensure they include all the allowances and deductions you are eligible for.

Best of all, the returns are actually completed, not just checked, by chartered accountants and they are fully Australian owned and operated. Combine this with their personalised service, where you deal with one person for the entire process, so you always know where you stand. 

It's a simple online process and takes minutes to apply and you just need your details, tax file number, bank details and also copies of your final payslip / PAYG (Group Certificate) from you employer and you could have your refund in your account in 10 - 14 days! To apply now, select the "Apply Now" tab above.

See how YOU SAVE getting your tax done by our partner "Taxrefund4travellers"
  • One low flat fee of $195 (instead of being calculated on a percentage of your return)

  • Maximum legal refund guaranteed

  • NO bank fees or hidden fees EVER

  • Return completed by an Australian Chartered Accountant - in Australia

  • Simple online process and fast refund service

  • NO upfront cost to you



Am I eligible for an income tax refund?

In order to be eligible to lodge an income tax return to claim your taxback and get a tax refund in Australia then AT LEAST ONE of the the following statements must apply to you:

  • You have been in Australia for at least 6 months of the tax year (tax year runs from 1st July to 30 June).


  • You HAVE BEEN or INTEND to be in Australia continuously for six months or more and for the majority of that time have been OR will be living and working in the same place.


  • You have worked continuously for 4 months for one employer / agency.


  • You have worked continuously for 5 months for 2 or more employers.

If ANY of the statements above apply to you then you may be eligible for a tax refund. If you are unsure please email us.

APPLY HERE to get your income tax refund?


We make it easy for your to APPLY

You will need:

  • Your tax file number

  • Bank account details - either in Australia or overseas

  • Copies of your final payslips OR PAYG (group) certificate

Please select the correct form below:


    If applying for a PREVIOUS tax year that has ended (1July - 30th June). Simply complete the online form and attach your documents either now or at a later date. APPLY ONLINE NOW in minutes by clicking here.


    If you are leaving Australia PERMANENTLY DURING THE TAX YEAR, then APPLY ONLINE NOW for an early assessment in minutes by clicking here.

Backpacker Tax Refund Calculator

How much tax back will I get back?

That's the million-dollar question and depends on your total taxable salary, total tax paid and how long you have been in the country. Every ones tax refund is different.

If you want to know how much you are worth in tax? Simply complete our online tax calculator and we will get back to you with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE of the amount of tax you could receive.

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Superannuation Refunds

If you have earned over $450 per month then your employer will have been paying 9% of your wages into a Superannuation fund.

You can claim back a refund of this ONLY when you permanently depart Australia. In order to be eligible for a superannuation refund you must have permanently left Australia and your visa expired.

Note: to claim a super refund you do NOT need to have been classed as a resident for tax. Anyone leaving permanently without the right to return can claim it back.


How long does it take and how much does it cost?

Refunds are processed manually and can take up to 60 days to process depending upon how many superannuation funds you have. The refund is sent directly to your overseas address in the form of a cheque.

If you lodge your tax refund application at the same time, our partners "Taxrefund4travellers"can deduct the fee from your tax refund. Otherwise you can simply pay via paypal. They charge a flat fee of $195 regardless of the refund amount or number of funds.

How much will I get Back?

This is the question everyone wants to know. Its hard to say until they contact your superannuation funds as the amount paid in is not the amount you get back. This is because every fund charges annual management fees, some charge early repayment fees and so on. Hence, even if your pay slip states $1000 has been paid to your super fund, you will get less back as fees are deducted from the amount paid in. In addition the government want to take their piece of the pie, so they deduct 35% tax on the refund, which is non-refundable.

How do I apply?

Simple, if you are lodging a final tax return, as you are leaving Australia, then simply tick the box on the tax refund application form and then sign and return the Power of Attorney along with the Documents Detailed on the Checklist. These two forms are automatically emailed to you, so check your inbox once you click "submit" on the tax return application. The fee of $195 is taken from your tax refund amount.

If you just want to lodge a superannuation refund and not a tax return

Then simply download the Power of Attorney and the Documents Detailed on the Checklist. Complete these documents and email them back. Our partners "Taxrefund4travellers" will then be in touch.

Further questions

If you have any questions please just send an email.

Contact Us for more information

Our partners "Taxrefund4travellers"are always available to help and hear your feedback.

Please send them an email for the fastest response.

If you need to call them, use the following numbers:

  • in Australia call +61 (0) 2 8005 6829
  • If your calling from the UK call +44 (0) 20 8144 9860 (UK standard rate*)

*Please note that they operate on Sydney AEST time for ALL telephone calls. Calls using their UK number will be charged at the same rate as calling a landline in London and transferred to their Sydney office free)

If you need to send them something:

You can email them.

or you can post it to:

Locked Bag 1, Keperra
QLD 4054