All you need to know about getting a job in Australia

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Backpackers working in Australia

General information

Here are some basics you should know about working in Australia

Search for a job

Find a job on our backpacker jobs board

Working holiday visa

Information for backpackers on how to apply for a working holiday visa

Fruit picking and harvesting work

Information to assist you in finding fruit picking or harvesting work in Australia

Recruitment agencies

These agencies may be able to help you in your search for a job

Training and courses

Certain jobs may require you to undertake various training or courses

Tips on how to write a great resume

Having a good resume is the first step in obtaining a job!

Pay, banking, income tax and superannuation

Information on
Australian rates
of pay, opening
an Australian
bank account
and paying
and income

Volunteer work in Australia

Volunteer work can be a very rewarding experience. Find out more!

Tips to help you with job interviews

These tips may help you when go for a job interview