Cycling around Australia

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Cycling around Australia
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Cycling around Australia

Australia is generally a good place to cycle around. Most cities provide good quality cycle paths and once you hit the countryside you will usually find good quality roads.

There are a variety of terrains in Australia. Along the east coast of the country you will find Australia's longest running mountain range, the Great Dividing Range, which goes from southeastern Victoria to far north Queensland. There are also various other mountain ranges located throughout the country. The remaining areas of Australia are reasonably flat.

The weather is also generally good with plenty of sunshine and warm days. However, be aware you can still face temperature extremes in Australia, ranging from freezing cold blizzards to endless days of incredibly hot and sunny weather.


PrecautionsCycling precautions and considerations

  • Helmets are compulsory and you can be fined if you are not wearing one.

  • Front white lights and rear red lights are also compulsory for riding at night.

  • Motorist are generally good with cyclist, however always be aware of other traffic as there are still many accidents between motorist and cyclist on Australian roads.

  • Take plenty of water, as weather can be extreme.

  • Be aware that distances can be great between destinations, however if you are travelling along the East Coast of Australia, you can generally stay at hostels, hotels, pubs etc, as the distance between towns is achievable in a days ride.

  • Check with bus companies and train companies about requirements for transportation of bikes (it may not always be guaranteed to arrive the same time as you).

  • Wear and carry appropriate clothing to cover relevant weather conditions. It is always advisable to wear clothing that is fluorescent so you are easily visible to motorist.

  • Advise someone where you are going.

  • If you are cycling in the outback, plan appropriately, seek advice and always advise someone where you are planning to travel.


Bike hireHiring a bike

There are lots of places around Australia where you can hire bikes. A good way to search for these businesses is to search Yellow Pages Online for the term "bike hire".


Buying a bikeBuying a bike

There are also lots of bike shops throughout Australia, expect to pay at least $500 for a reasonable new bike. A good way to search for bike shops is to search Yellow Pages Online for the term "bike shop" or "bicycle shop".

If you are looking to buy a second hand bike, check out the following websites:

Trading Post

The Bike Exchange

Sell Your Bike

Cycling toursCycling tours around Australia

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