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Relocations2Go has the largest collection of campervan and RV rental relocations online

We are specialists in relocations for campervan's, RV's and cars throughout Australia.

Travelling city to city is definitely "One Way" to get an affordable RV/campervan relocation and have fun at the same time.

City to city from as little as $1 a day!

Did you ever wonder how rental vehicle companies coped with the return of their vehicles after one way hires? It's a challenge. And demand for campervan's and RV's vary in different locations throughout the year. Some times this may be due to local calendar events, like sporting fixtures or music or food festivals and carnivals, or it could just be that travellers are in search of warmer climates at certain times of the year, or escaping the wet season in the tropics and many other reasons. So rental companies have to relocate their RV's accordingly to meet local demand.

Our rental companies could pay someone to move their vehicles, but this is costly and benefits no one except the person moving the vehicle. But two parties benefit if we can offer a discount to customers wanting to travel to the area to which we need to move vehicles; acting as the vehicle relocator allows opportunities for real savings, in the same way as a standby airfare but without all the uncertainties. It saves the rental company the cost of paying someone to take the vehicle, and gives our travelling customers the opportunity to save a significant amount of money. It's a win win situation!

Relocations 2 Go is the online, experienced, RV savvy, go-between. We match customer to customer - that is, rental campervan and RV owners needing their vehicle to be moved, to people wanting to move the way the vehicle needs to go, between cities anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, USA or Canada. It's as simple as that. And both sides save money whilst achieving what they needed to accomplish.

  • Cheaper prices

  • Operating in four countries

  • Excellent product knowledge based on 30 years' experience

  • 7am-8pm, 365 days per year

  • Free call numbers

  • Three languages

Relocations2go from one dollar a day

We have the experience and contacts to provide you with vast choices and the very best RV relocation deals. Be impulsive! Choose a deal, phone our freecall service line and make your reservation for next week, next month or even tomorrow!

Save time and money by booking online and dealing with one reliable, personable and customer focused company with 30 years' experience and outstanding success in the RV rental business. Our friendly and professional staff are on hand to serve you and answer your queries from 7am-8pm, 365 days of the year.

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