Wave Rock natural attractions

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    THE AMAZING WAVE LIKE ROCK FORMATION IS 14 METRES HIGH AND 110 METRES LONG: Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia
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    IT IS BELIEVED TO HAVE BEEN FORMED OVER 2,700 MILLION YEARS AGO: Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia
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Things to do at Wave Rock

Natural attractionsWave Rock natural attractions

Wave Rock

This amazing wave like rock formation is 14 metres high, and 110 metres long and believed to have been formed over 2,700 million years ago. The face of Wave Rock appears ready to crash onto the bushland that surrounds it.

The wave shape has formed from gradual erosion of the softer rock beneath the upper edge. The vertical stripes of colour, which also adds to the appearance of a wave, have occurred from when the rain has washed chemical deposits down the face.  It is worth seeing the Rock at different times of the day, as the changing sunlight alters its colours and appearance.

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Mulka''s Cave

Mulka''s Cave is located near Wave Rock. In the cave are large hand imprints that are said to have come from the Aboriginal legend associated with the cave.

This was where an Aboriginal women who fell in love with a man but was not able to marry him because of local law, gave birth to a son who they named Mulka.

He was apparently born with bad vision and because of this, he couldn't throw a spear successfully and hunt for food. Out of frustration it was said he started catching and eating human children to feed himself. It was said that this cave was where he lived.

Mulka''s Cave is located 18 kilometres north of Wave Rock off Lovering Road.