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    ALVA BEACH NEAR AYR: Photo courtesy of Tourism Queensland
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Alva Beach lies 17 km north-east of Ayr. It offers secluded and safe swimming and there is also a small community adjacent to the beach.

Be aware of box jellyfish and stingers in northern parts of Australia in summer months

During the summer months from October to May along the Northern Australian coastline certain varieties of jellyfish like the box jellyfish are present in the coastal waters and can cause very serious reactions if you are stung. It is advised that between these months you swim in the protected netted swimming areas or avoid swimming in the sea.

If bitten by a box jellyfish vinegar should be applied to the sting and seek medical attention immediately.

Do not swim in areas known to have crocodiles

Crocodiles can be found in fresh and salt-water locations in parts of Northern Australia and occasionally there are attacks on people. In many cases some basic rules and precautions would avoid such attacks. Swimming in most rivers, creeks, lagoons and in certain coastal waters is not recommended in this part of Australia. Also pay attention to any warning signs that may be posted in certain areas.