Tips for writing a great blog of your travels

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Writing a great blog
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How to write a great travel blog

Your trip is bound to have many interesting, fun and unique experiences and one of the best ways to record these for yourself and others is to create a travel blog.

You don't need to have much writing experience because you will be writing about real life events and things that have happened to you.

Below are some simple tips for writing a great blog.

tipSet it up before you leave

Check out the following websites to set up a free travel blog

Or do it on Facebook

tipWrite about your personal experiences

Write about how you felt about a place (describe your emotions), what your original expectations were about it and how the place met or didn't meet these.

tipKeep a notebook with you

Keep a notebook with you while you are travelling so you can jot down any information or highlights to include in your story.

tipPick out one interesting story from each part of your trip

Pick out one interesting story from each part of your trip and make this a feature story on your blog - give it an interesting title that will capture people's attention.

tipAdd some funny stories

Add some funny stories if you have them. This is a great way to make your blog more interesting and real life.

tipBack up stories with images

Back up stories with images that really capture the essence of what you have written, such as showing yourself having a great time, new people you have met, friendly locals, exotic meals. However, don't overdo the amount of photos you include, try and keep it to around 5 to 15 per story.

tipKeep your blog updated

Keep your blog updated, this will keep your readers interested.