General information about Australia

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General information about Australia

Australian facts and figures

Here are some interesting facts and figures about Australia

Australian culture

Includes lifestyle, multiculturalism, sport, music, arts, theatre and religion

Australian words & phrases

Here are some of the most common words
and phrases
that you will
hear while
you are in

Time zones, holidays and general business hours

Australian time zones, main holidays and general business hours

Australian phone and internet information

All you need to know about using the internet and telephone
system in

Your consumer rights

Find out what your rights are when you purchase goods and services in Australia

Women travellers

Some extra tips and precautions for women travellers

Beer, wine and coffee

All you need to know about these very popular Australian drinks

Australia's postal system

Information about how the postal system works in Australia

Travelling with a disability

Information for people who have a disability and want to travel around Australia