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    LAZE YOUR DAY AWAY ON THE STUNNING CABLE BEACH: Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia
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    EXLORE THE BEAUTIFUL COASTLINE ON A CAMEL RIDE: Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia
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    HEAD TO THE SUNSET BAR FOR A FEW DRINKS: Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia
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    GET UP CLOSE TO A CROC AT MALCOLM DOUGLAS CROCODILE PARK: Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia
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Broome Highlights

  • Popular backpacker destination.

  • Spend some time at the 22 kilometre long stunning Cable Beach, with its white sand, turquoise waters and red-orange dirt backdrop.

  • Take a camel ride at Cable Beach. These are best done at sunrise and sunset to experience the amazing colours of the beach, ocean and surrounding landscapes.

  • "Fly" by hovercraft for a great way to see the sunset and the 16 Dutch World War II Flying Boat wrecks.

  • Visit Malcolm Douglas Broome Crocodile Park to take a guided crocodile feeding tour and see crocodiles that have been caught and relocated to the park.

  • Visit Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Park to see crocodiles, kangaroos, amazing bird life and many other native animals.

  • From March to October for three days after the full moon, reflections of the moon stretch out across shiny mudflats creating the magnificent illusion of a long silver staircase.

  • Take a guided tour to the Kimberley, one of the most spectacular, remote and unique regions in Australia with its spectacular landscape of intensely coloured ranges, deep gorges, lush rock pools and waterfalls.

About Broome

Population 14,000

The town of Broome is fast becoming one of the most popular coastal destinations for tourists in Western Australia and is a popular place on backpacker's itineraries.

Broome flourished in the 1880's due to pearling. The town's fortunes fluctuated but hung in there and now tourism is the main financial focus in Broome.

Broome has a tropical climate and in the wet summer season can fall prey to flooding and cyclones. In the dry winter season however, the near perfect temperatures are a welcome break from the colder weather in the State's south.

The beaches around Broome are stunning and Cable Beach is well known and visited by tourists and locals alike. With 22 kilometres of white sand and crystal turquoise waters, it is a fantastic place to laze away your day or watch the magnificent sunset on a warm tropical night.

There is even a Chinatown in Broome, a monument of sorts to the vast numbers of Asian descendants who lived and worked here during the pearling heyday.

Broome is a good base to set off to explore the Kimberley region, which is one of the most spectacular, remote and unique parts of Australia. The landscape here includes intensely coloured ranges, deep gorges, lush rock pools and waterfalls. There are many tour operators in Broome providing some excellent tours ranging in time and budget to see this magnificent area.

Broome has a great, relaxed atmosphere and you may find yourself wishing you never had to leave the serene setting.

Orientation Map for Broome

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Broome Visitor Information Centre

1 Hamersley Street
Broome, Western Australia
Phone (08) 9195 2200