Backpacking in the Yorke Peninsula

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    EXPLORE THE SPECTACULAR COASTAL LANDSCAPES: Photo - Adam Bruzzone, courtesy South Australian Tourism Commission
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    YOU CAN FIND SOME OF THE BEST WAVES IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA HERE: Photo - John Montesi, courtesy South Australian Tourism Commission
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    THIS IS ONE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA'S KEY SCUBA DIVING LOCATIONS: Photo courtesy South Australian Tourism Commission
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Yorke Peninsula Highlights

  • Some of the best surfing locations in South Australia can be found here at Innes National Park

  • Explore the spectacular coastal landscapes with rugged cliffs and sandy beaches of Innes National Park. There are some great walking trails in the park ranging from 30 minutes to 5 hours long.

  • Yorke Peninsula is one of South Australia's key diving destinations. Here you will find unspoilt ocean waters with a diverse and abundant marine life.

About the Yorke Peninsula

This is mainly a farming region, but it is also a popular place for local South Australian's to holiday. Well known as a place with a laid back, relaxed pace of life, it's a nice place to go to chill out for a while.

The beaches of Yorke Peninsula are great to go swimming and fishing and around the coast in Innes National Park, you'll find some of the best surfing spots in the State. The park itself has some spectacular scenery including secluded beaches, rugged cliffs, bushland and is full of wildlife.

There are also some interesting towns and villages to explore in the region, with the main larger towns in the area being Kadina, Wallaroo and Moonta.

Main towns on the Yorke Peninsula



Population 4,000

Situated 148 kilometres from Adelaide, Kadina is the largest town on the Yorke Peninsula. The original European settlers from this area were mainly Cornish, and examples of Cornish architecture can be found in Kadina including the Royal Exchange and Wombat Hotels.

The town is also home to the Kernewek Lowender festival, the world's largest Cornish Festival held every two years on the uneven years since 1973.

Kadina offers most services of a regular sized town, along with various shops and eating places. There is also the Farm Shed Museum & Tourism Centre, just out of town towards Moonta, which has information about the region.


Population 3,500

Situated 165 kilometres from Adelaide, Moonta is a pretty coastal town popular with local holidaymakers and is steeped in history. You can learn about the mining history by taking the Moonta Mines Walking Trails, or ride the 50-minute round trip on the Moonta Mines Tourist Railway. You can also discover more about the town at the Moonta Mines Museum.

Other activities here include good fishing and swimming at the local sandy beaches.


Population 2,700

Located 160 kilometres from Adelaide, this is a popular holiday spot for South Australian's, as it is great for swimming, fishing, relaxing, eating seafood and sightseeing the Copper Coast.  The town today is a mix of a seaside resort and a working industrial town, surrounded by farming lands.

Orientation Map for the Yorke Peninsula

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Yorke Peninsula Visitor Information Centre

29 Main Street
Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia
Phone 1800 202 445