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    CHECK OUT THE RUGGEDLY BEAUTIFUL COASTLINE AT LITTLE DIP CONSERVATION PARK: Photo - Adam Bruzzone, courtesy South Australian Tourism Commission
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    TAKE A PHOTO NEXT TO THE BIG LOBSTER: Photo - John Montesi, courtesy South Australian Tourism Commission
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    GREAT LOCATION FOR SOME FISHING: Photo - Adam Bruzzone, courtesy South Australian Tourism Commission
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Robe Highlights

  • Popular surfing spot for all skill levels

  • Head to Lake Fellmongery for a variety of water sports including water skiing, canoeing and sailing.

  • Plenty of good fishing spots.

  • Explore the ruggedly beautiful coastline and large area of coastal sand dunes at Little Dip Conservation Park.

About Robe

Population 960

The small historic seaside town is located on Guichen Bay. It was one of the first settlements in South Australia, dating back to 1845.

Today it is very much an attractive holiday resort, combining a rugged, rocky, windswept coastline, with several attractive and secluded beaches, including the 17km-long, Long Beach, which is good for surfing and windsurfing.

Robe has a charming town centre and is one of the most attractive historic towns in South Australia.

Orientation Map for Robe

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Robe Visitor Information Centre

Mundy Terrace
Robe, South Australia
Phone 1300 367 144