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    EXPLORE THE SPECTACULAR NARACOORTE CAVES: Photo courtesy of South Australian Tourism Commission
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    WALK THE 500 METRE LONG BOARDWALK OVER THE WETLANDS OF BOOL LAGOON: Photo courtesy of South Australian Tourism Commission
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    SEE THE FASCINATING FOSSIL CAVE IN THE NARACOORTE WORLD HERITAGE FOSSIL SITE: Photo - Milton Wordley, courtesy of South Australian Tourism Commission
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Naracoorte Highlights

  • Visit the World Heritage listed Naracoorte Caves National Park & Fossil Site. Here you can do show cave tours to see significant fossil deposits, see the Bat Cave, where thousands of bats live, do adventure caving, or a selection of other specialty tours.

  • The park also has the Wonambi Fossil Centre, which contains fossil displays and a walk-through diorama with life-sized models of extinct animals in their ancient habitats.

  • Walk the 500 metre boardwalk that extends over the wetland at Bool Lagoon to see one of the largest and most diverse freshwater lagoon systems in southern Australia. This seasonal wetland is home to a wide range of wildlife and provides essential drought refuge for many rare and endangered bird species.

About Naracoorte

Population 5,700

Naracoorte is home to the famous World Heritage Listed Naracoorte Caves Fossil Site and the Bool Lagoon and wetlands, which is home to a vast array of birdlife.

The town itself has museums, galleries, a variety of shops and a unique man-made swimming lake, which is seven times the size of an Olympic pool.

Naracoorte is a rich agricultural centre that produces fine wines and local produce that can be sampled in many of the local restaurants, cafes and cellar doors located in the town and surrounding region.

Orientation Map for Naracoorte

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Naracoorte Visitor Information Centre

36 MacDonnell Street,
Naracoorte, South Australia
Phone 1800 244 421