Backpacking Ceduna

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    DISCOVER AUSTRALIA'S ENDLESS OUTBACK ALONG THE NULLABOR: Photo - Adam Bruzzone, courtesy South Australian Tourism Commission
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    VISIT POINT SINCLAIR, ONE OF AUSTRALIA'S BEST SURFING SPOTS: Photo - Neale Winter, courtesy South Australian Tourism Commission
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    SEE SOME SPECTACULAR VIEWS OF THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN BIGHT COASTLINE: Photo - Adam Bruzzone, courtesy South Australian Tourism Commission
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Ceduna Highlights

  • Visit Point Sinclair (Cactus) about 86 km east of Ceduna. This is one of Australia's best known surfing spots and is a regular stopping point for the adventurous surfer crossing the Nullarbor.

  • There are 33 national parks and reserves in the Far West District managed by the Department for Environment and Heritage. The parks offer a range of opportunities such as 4WD journeys, day touring, spectacular remote scenery and small, secluded camping areas and beaches.

  • Visit the Ceduna Arts and Cultural Centre to see or purchase art work produced by talented aboriginal artists from Ceduna and the Far West region of Eyre Peninsula.

  • See the rugged and spectacular Great Australian Bight coastline.

About Ceduna

Population 3,500

Ceduna is on the western edge of Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. It's the last major town on the drive west to Perth and the first after crossing the Nullarbor from Western Australia. The area is a combination of natural bushland, farming, rugged rocky bays and secluded white sandy or shelly beaches. It is a great place for those who love the outdoors and somewhere that offers a more secluded chilled-out getaway. They have great weather with sunshine most days of the year. For those who are feeling more adventurous there is great hiking along the dramatic coastal cliffs and rocks. There is also good fishing, diving, surfing, swimming or whale watching on the Nullarbor. Ceduna boasts rich Aboriginal cultural and the Ceduna Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Centre is a must for anyone who appreciates Aboriginal and contemporary arts.

Orientation Map for Ceduna

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Ceduna Visitor Information Centre

58 Poynton St
Ceduna, South Australia
Phone (08) 8625 3343