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    DISCOVER THE PICTURESQUE UNSPOILT COASTLINE: Photo - John Montesi, courtesy South Australian Tourism Commission
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    TAKE A HIKE THROUGH THE NEARBY SAND DUNES: Photo - Adam Bruzzone, courtesy South Australian Tourism Commission
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    SEE IF YOU CAN CATCH YOUR DINNER: Photo - Peter Fisher, courtesy South Australian Tourism Commission
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Beachport Highlights

  • Several good surfing locations are nearby.

  • Go for a swim in the Pool of Siloam, which is fed by underground saltwater springs and said to be seven times saltier than seawater.

  • Some great fishing, particularly off the long jetty.

  • See Australia's biggest one-man engineering feat, the Woakwine Cutting.

  • See the abundant bird life in Beachport Conservation Park.

About Beachport

Population 440

This popular holiday seaside and crayfishing town has the sea on two sides and Lake George beside it.

Sandy beaches stretch around Rivoli Bay and offer some good surfing and swimming.

The Beachport jetty is the second longest in South Australia and is a popular spot to do some fishing.

The town has some nice places to eat and shop and is a lovely place to stop for a day trip or a short break.

Orientation Map for Beachport

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Beachport Visitor Information Centre

Millicent Road
Beachport, South Australia
Phone (08) 8735 8029