Backpacking Australia

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Australian Backpacker Destinations

Find out travel information on over 200 great destinations around Australia where you can go backpacking

Things to do and see around Australia

We have listed thousands of things to do and see around Australia. You can also Book hundreds of Tours online and find out what major Australian Events are happening

Australian Backpacker Accommodation

Over 700 backpacker hostels and budget accommodation places listed. Most you can Book your Accommodation ONLINE! Also, information on hundreds of Places to Camp, Group Bookings and searching for Longer Term Share Accommodation

How to get to and get around Australia

We have information on every possible way to get to and get around Australia, including by plane, bus, train, driving and much more

Working in Australia

If you want to find a job while you are travelling around Australia, we have information on all you need to know to get started

Backpacker Travel Services

Here you will find various services that might save you a few dollars and help you with your trip

Australian Travel Information

Find out all sorts of things about Australia that could help you with your travels here